Episode 41: Let's Explore the Clown House

Kid Culture

This week at the table, Ian brings back memories of childhood. Unfortunately, it's Carter and Scott's childhood and you're getting the full experience. Tune in to hear about the psychology of kid culture and some fun stories about Carter and Scott being small.

Episode 40: The Dallas Fools

Overwatch League

Carter, Scott, and Diana are fans of Overwatch and eSports. This week we are going to delve into the top level of Overwatch eSports, the Overwatch League. What do they like about it? How does it work? How does it compare to watching IRL sports? Why are all the teams that the squad like at the bottom half of the standings? All questions we ask and at least try to answer in this episode.

Episode 39: You Don't Have to Say Wink

D&D: Round #2

This week the BTTT gang brings you another riveting session of Dungeons & Dragons. Ian shows off his Dungeon Master skills while Carter, Diana, and Scott try their best to infuriate him. Tune in to see if the party makes it to the end!

Episode 38: Calzones

Media Review of 2018

This time we talk about all the media (movies, tv shows, music, video games, etc.) of 2018 that we liked, didn't like and we discover the Scott is in fact an actual hermit who only occasionally comes out of his hut. Also Ian doesn't remember that he actually saw things during 2018. What was 2018? A year that had media. Links to the things we talked about that you can purchase or easily consume in the description on our website.

Episode 37: A Tale of Two More Cities

Boston, MA & Washington, DC

Carter and Ian had their turn. Scott and Diana got jealous and now they want to talk about the places they live. Sorry it's a bit late y'all! Sometimes that's just how it is.

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