Episode 46: Do It For The Vine

Game of Thrones Season 8

Scott and Diana talk about Game of Thrones Season 8 (with the exception of the last episode), we talk about our problems (there are many), what we like (not a lot), and how we hope the last episode will be good (it wasn't).

Episode 45: It's Not Even Real Math

Chord Progressions

This week you get to hear the charming sounds of Carter and Diana saying "mhm" while Scott vigorously waves his hands while explaining what chord progressions are. Hear about chords, notes, pitches, songs, and hopefully gain a new appreciation for the music you love.

Episode 44: Beat Up a Ton of Rats

Creative Process

This week we wanted to talk about our creative outlets and the processes that we use. But man we are nerds we talk about D&D for like a long time. Scott pulls out some stuff about music to balance it out a little bit.

Episode 43: Is Kevin Back?

A Review of Past Episodes

Ian, Scott and Diana take a tour down memory lane as the one year anniversary of the Brought to the Table Podcast comes up. We talk about our ups, our goofs, and our favorites of the podcast. From our favorite episodes, our favorite topics to our favorite goofs, we look back on one year of making this podcast.

Episode 42: Slappers Only

Battle Royale Games

The boys bring you another video game episode this week! Carter, Ian, and Scott talk all about last-man-standing games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. Tune in if you're a fan of shooting games or want to hear about Carter and Scott's questionable past as PUBG players.

Brought to the Table is a podcast made by friends who like to enjoy things and learn about things together. As a group they discuss a wide range of topics that cover fields of science, engineering, music, video games, and other neat stuff. Diana Schulberg, Ian Walker, Carter VanHuss, Kaitlyn Phillips, and Scott Pruett have known each other for years and are still finding new things that they can talk about and learn about together. The BTTT squad always appreciates email comments, questions, and suggestions of your own to [email protected].