Episode 46: Do It For The Vine

Game of Thrones Season 8

Scott and Diana talk about Game of Thrones Season 8 (with the exception of the last episode), we talk about our problems (there are many), what we like (not a lot), and how we hope the last episode will be good (it wasn't).

Episode 45: It's Not Even Real Math

Chord Progressions

This week you get to hear the charming sounds of Carter and Diana saying "mhm" while Scott vigorously waves his hands while explaining what chord progressions are. Hear about chords, notes, pitches, songs, and hopefully gain a new appreciation for the music you love.

Episode 44: Beat Up a Ton of Rats

Creative Process

This week we wanted to talk about our creative outlets and the processes that we use. But man we are nerds we talk about D&D for like a long time. Scott pulls out some stuff about music to balance it out a little bit.

Episode 43: Is Kevin Back?

A Review of Past Episodes

Ian, Scott and Diana take a tour down memory lane as the one year anniversary of the Brought to the Table Podcast comes up. We talk about our ups, our goofs, and our favorites of the podcast. From our favorite episodes, our favorite topics to our favorite goofs, we look back on one year of making this podcast.

Episode 42: Slappers Only

Battle Royale Games

The boys bring you another video game episode this week! Carter, Ian, and Scott talk all about last-man-standing games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. Tune in if you're a fan of shooting games or want to hear about Carter and Scott's questionable past as PUBG players.

Episode 41: Let's Explore the Clown House

Kid Culture

This week at the table, Ian brings back memories of childhood. Unfortunately, it's Carter and Scott's childhood and you're getting the full experience. Tune in to hear about the psychology of kid culture and some fun stories about Carter and Scott being small.

Episode 40: The Dallas Fools

Overwatch League

Carter, Scott, and Diana are fans of Overwatch and eSports. This week we are going to delve into the top level of Overwatch eSports, the Overwatch League. What do they like about it? How does it work? How does it compare to watching IRL sports? Why are all the teams that the squad like at the bottom half of the standings? All questions we ask and at least try to answer in this episode.

Episode 39: You Don't Have to Say Wink

D&D: Round #2

This week the BTTT gang brings you another riveting session of Dungeons & Dragons. Ian shows off his Dungeon Master skills while Carter, Diana, and Scott try their best to infuriate him. Tune in to see if the party makes it to the end!

Episode 38: Calzones

Media Review of 2018

This time we talk about all the media (movies, tv shows, music, video games, etc.) of 2018 that we liked, didn't like and we discover the Scott is in fact an actual hermit who only occasionally comes out of his hut. Also Ian doesn't remember that he actually saw things during 2018. What was 2018? A year that had media. Links to the things we talked about that you can purchase or easily consume in the description on our website.

Episode 37: A Tale of Two More Cities

Boston, MA & Washington, DC

Carter and Ian had their turn. Scott and Diana got jealous and now they want to talk about the places they live. Sorry it's a bit late y'all! Sometimes that's just how it is.

Episode 36: A Tale of Two Cities

Richmond, VA & Blacksburg, VA

Ian and Carter are here to give us a brief and mostly inaccurate overview of two cities in Virginia. But they live in those places and love them so let's hear them out.

Episode 35: Won't my Hands Explode?


This week, Carter, Diana, and Ian get together to talk about a hobby of theirs: putting things together with tiny strands of fabric. Learn about random yarn history facts, yarnwork in the media, and a fun story about how knitters don't put up with any nonsense. Scott tags along for the ride and provides crucial mathematical insights.

Episode 34: Thanksgiving Special

Thanksgiving in Rwanda

In this holiday special episode of BTTT, Diana tells the story of Thanksgiving in Rwanda. From cooking nightmares, to butter debates, to special family memories, this is the tale of celebrating Thanksgiving in the unlikeliest of places.

Episode 33: An Homage to Kevin


We're meta now. A podcast talking about podcasts, who would've thunk it? Anyways we like podcasts and we've all learned a lot about podcasts since starting this adventure. We want to share that knowledge with you. This episode serves as a tribute to Kevin. He's not dead or anything he just likes the attention.

Episode 32: Fantasy Football

D&D: A Tale of Zharki Raistu

This week the BTTT gang abandoned Carter and Scott in their hour of need. So, they decided to play Dungeons and Dragons instead. Come listen to a tale of wild adventure; a tale with spying, inappropriate winking, and literally burning down a house. Carter's the dungeon master and Zharki's just along for the ride.

Episode 31: Viciously Murking Bugs

Spooky Stories

This week Kaitlyn buckles in as Ian and Diana bring their favorite spooky stories for Halloween, the most beloved of holidays in this fine autumn month. We're talking ghosts, we're talking creatures, we're talking all the good stories we grew up listening to and loving. List of stories: Bunnyman, Richmond Vampires, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, La Llorona, and the Female Stranger.

Episode 30: Theology of Sandwiches

Crispy Leaf Hunting Season

Carter, the bravest member of the BTTT cast, braves flood waters and rising tides to bring you this most important episode of Brought to the Table. He daringly records during a thunderstorm threatening both his power and his internet just so you, our dear listener, can hear his hot takes on Fall and its many wonders. Scott and Kaitlyn are cowardly and do not have to brave the elements to record this episode.

Episode 29: Clickity Clack Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards - More interesting than you think

Scott and Carter are back again, this time talking about "My Chemical Cheeseboards," no wait, sorry I read that wrong, "Mechanical Keyboards." Kaitlyn is pleasantly surprised by how interesting it is. Leap through the screen and join us for a fun discussion of the history, tech, and applications of mechanical keyboards.

Episode 28: Hamiltonian Giraffes


Combing terrible graph theory jokes and music, this weeks cast presents on Hamilton. Scott and Diana ramble about music, theater stuff, and more (Ian tolerates half of it)! Tune in if you hate unnecessary modulations or want to know more about Giraffes.

Episode 27: Addiction Magnets

Games as a Service

Hold on to your hats! This week Scott, Diana, and that one other guy unleash their rage about video game business models. Bought game you hate? Listen in to commiserate!

Episode 26: Come On Scoob


Let's talk about that good leaf water! Carter has been drinking a lot of tea recently because he stopped drinking coffee (idiot) so we talked about that hot leaf juice. How do you make it? Who decided that dirty leaves were a good idea to drink? What in the world is Kombucha? In what way do we blast Carter's mom? Find out this week on BTTT.

Episode 25: Violent Opinions about Ice Cream

Literally just ice cream

We're all a little slaphappy today, friends. We have fun facts and controversial opinions about ice cream for our listening audience's delight and horror, respectively, as well as a few solid goofs. Please enjoy our first ever episode with a cliffhanger. Will we remember to follow through with it next week? Stay tuned to find out. Kaitlyn's audio is weirdly quiet in the second half, we do apologize for this. She was still freshly out of the moving van and perhaps should have waited another week until she had a real-ass audio set up.

Episode 0: The Gaang is Back In Town

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1

It's here. The very first episode that the BTTT crew ever recorded. Dug out from the Disney Vault. Don't know how it got in there but uhhh it's out now. We love Aang so much. So should you.

Episode 24: Authentic British

Sherlock vs. Elementary

In this heated episode of Brought to the Table, Diana and Scott debate two modern retellings of the Sherlock Holmes stories: BBC's Sherlock and CBS's Elementary. Ian dings the bell between rounds before people get hurt.

Episode 23: The Grand Spy Convention

Hidden Role Games

This episode continues our trend of throwing caution to the wind and trying some wild stuff. This week Ian, Carter, and Scott give us a short intro on Hidden Role Games like Secret Hitler, Spyfall, and Werewolf. After a quick rundown of what these games are like, the whole BTTT crew tries their hand at playing one of them, Spyfall! Carter apologizes for his bad voices in advance.

LOCATION LIST: Crusader Army, Police Station, Polar Station, Space Station, Pirate Ship, Corporate Party, Circus Tent, World War II Squad, Passenger Train, Embassy, Cathedral, Airplane, Ocean Liner, Movie Studio, Submarine, Beach, Hotel, Supermarket, Day Spa, Service Station, Bank, Military Base, School, Theater, Restaurant, University, Casino, Hospital

Episode 22: We Should Put a Game in There

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This week we get another small group of people to bring you 2016's hit Zelda game: Breath of the Wild. Carter, Diana, and Scott complain about lack of plot, minimal dungeons, but overall praise the games open world and fun mechanics. Take a listen to see if you'd like to finally buy this game that came out two years ago.

Episode 21: Cthulhu - A Light Projection

Lovecraft Lore

This week we take a dive into the world of Lovecraft, his creatures, and beyond. Names are mispronounced and stories of worlds beyond our imagining as humans are told all while Scott tries not to go crazy. This would be a great Halloween episode but we celebrate early.

Episode 20: More Shrek Trivia

Video Game Glitches

This week's episode features a smaller cast! Carter and Scott ramble on about glitches in classic video games: what happened and what caused them. Kaitlyn tags along for the wild ride.

Episode 19: Soupy Pocket Ice Cream

Until Dawn, Horchata, Nine Inch Nails' "The Perfect Drug", & A Hat in Time

This week we decided to mix it up and each do our own topic! (Well all of us except Ian, who is MIA). Diana breaks down a horror game for us & it's innovative narrative mechanics, Carter talks about his favorite summer time treat, Kaitlyn talks about a wild song by the man, the myth, the legend Trent Reznor, and Scott talks about some game I guess.

Episode 18: My 3 Foster Bees

Medicinal Honey & Brooklyn 99

This episode of BTTT, Kaityn and Ian talk about medicinal and historic uses of honey. Should you put honey on your skin? I mean, probably. Then, Diana and Scott talk about the extremely good TV show Brooklyn 99. We also have our very first listener mail! Hear about what the lovely Amy keeps in her backpack.

Episode 17: A Whole Stick of Butter

Carly Rae Jepsen & Polyamory

This episode of BTTT, Kaitlyn and Carter team up (for the last time) to discuss the groundbreaking, emotional masterpiece of an album that is Carly Rae Jepsen's third album, E·MO·TION. Then, Ian and special guest Wendy team up to discuss Polyamory in the modern day. There's some good lessons to be learned about communication, regardless of your status! In both segments, I mean. Carly Rae taught me to be a better communicator with the absolute bop that is "Boy Problems." Scott hosts, Diana is the peanut gallery. That's right, Diana has just many peanuts in human form this whole time.

Episode 16: I Know Nothing About Nature

Robots V2 & Nintendo Hardware

Ian and Scott team back up again for another segment on robotics. Those two boys give us a good book learnin about how robots and other technologies are influenced by nature. Carter and Diana get really excited about Nintendo and discuss what about their hardware and software development sets them apart from the rest of the console manufacturers. Buckle up, cowboys. This is a long one.

Episode 15: Backpacks Part 2

Kaitlyn's and Scott's Backpacks

We hit part 2 of our backpacks series! It is the final part of it! Kaitlyn takes us through her backpack in a really thoughtful way and then Scott just dumps his backpack on the table live on air. What a wild dude.

Episode 14: Backpacks Part 1

Diana's, Ian's, and Carter's Backpacks

On this very special episode of BTTT, we dig into people's backpacks to see what they've got floating around in their backpacks! Carter asks the entire crew what they keep in their backpack, and more importantly, why.

Episode 13: Jesus Stole His Haircut

Labelling Theory & The Hays Code

Ian and Kaitlyn lay this double whammy of cool topics on us when Ian talks about how labels affect us as humans. Kaitlyn talks about how censorship impacts gay media & connects that to the iconic Anne Hatheway flick, The Princess Diaries.

Episode 12: Cast Iron Tamagotchi

Voice Assistants & Cast Iron Cookware

This week, Kaitlyn and Scott talk about speech software and popular voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. Ian and Carter bring us back to reality with an old time favorite: cast iron cookware and how to maintain it.

Bonus: State of the Podcast

Small Update & What We Have Planned

This week we're skipping the full BTTT segment for Memorial Day. Carter's here to give you the sound of his voice and a small update on the direction of the podcast.

Episode 11: Kaitlyn's Food Crimes

Veganism & Gravity Falls: Episode 1

Today, Kaitlyn and our very first guest Wendy Sparrer give us an in depth look at veganism and related dietary lifestyles and their impact on both the individual and our environment. Ian and Diana decide to take a trip down the rabbit hole and introduced the group to Gravity Falls, an animated show with a lot to uncover.

Episode 10: The Snooze Bubble Has Burst

Sleep Hygiene & Science in the Media

This week on Brought to the Table, Ian and Kaitlyn bring you the science of sleep and how you can improve your sleep habits to feel less sleepy. Carter and Scott vent frustration about how science and engineering are often over sensationalized in the media.

Episode 9: Garbagecue Sauce

Rat Queens & Witch It

In this Diana-less episode of BTTT, Carter and Kaitlyn bring us Rat Queens, a light-hearted comic with many parallels to games like D&D. Ian and Scott talk about Witch It, a wacky hide and seek video game you'll love playing with your friends (or enemies).

Episode 8: Cheap, Easy, and Everywhere

Fundraising with Games & Pizza

Diana and Carter discuss how popular online personalities are raising money just by playing video games. Platforms like Twitch allow them to cater to viewers and bring in subscriptions or donations. Scott and Kaitlyn team up to give you very basic background information on an American favorite: pizza.

Episode 7: Oh I Want My Pig Back

Corrupted Blood & Love Letter

This week's BTTT brings Ian and Kaitlyn together to talk about a terrible disease that ravaged the lands of World of Warcraft. On a happier note, Carter and Scott share a great card game for warming up before a long night of games.

Special Cut: Monetization of Video Games

Segment for Turnkey

A special cut of the full length episode 8 about the monetization of video games. Carter and Diana tell us about online platforms and how they enable popular personalities to make money by streaming video games and catering to their viewers.

Episode 6: Malicious or Maliciously Incompetent

Mythology & Cryptography

In this episode of BTTT, Diana and Ian investigate the fashion applications of tuberculosis. Later, Kaitlyn and Scott team up to talk about public key cryptography and how it's used in every day life.

Episode 5: The Past Tense is Dunce

Quidditch & Music of Steven Universe

Ian and Carter get sentimental for just a moment on this episode of BTTT talking about a real life sport that was made up for a book. Afterwards we look at how the meteoric rise of Nicki Minaj has affected children's cartoon programming with Scott and Diana.

Episode 4: Pretentious Ivy League Grads

Vampire Weekend & Panic! at the Disco

This week the gang takes their first foray into the world of music. Carter and Kaitlyn discuss an album by one of their favorite bands, Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend. Ian and Diana talk about some Hysteria! at the Hop, some Discord! on the Dancefloor, some Panic! at the Disco.

Episode 3: Give That Lady Pants

Robotic Prosthetics & Overwatch

Scott and Ian bring robotic prosthetics to the table on this episode of BTTT, telling us about advances in the field and how new technology is lending itself to assisting disabled folk in their day-to-day. Carter and Diana spend some time talking about their favorite game to lose at, Overwatch.

Episode 2: One Hornful of Mead

Mead & Impostor Syndrome

This episode of BTTT finds Carter and Ian drinking live on the air. They also manage to say a few words about their drinks (mead). Afterwards, Scott and Kaitlyn inform us about impostor syndrome and share their experiences with it.

Episode 1: Two Eternal Toddlers

Stardew Valley & Quantum Information Technologies

On this episode of BTTT, Diana and Kaitlyn talk about the farming simulator game Stardew Valley & why they find themselves spending countless hours rearranging their cheese barrels. Carter and Scott spend their time discussing how Quantum Information Technologies can change the world we live in today.