Episode 30: Theology of Sandwiches

Crispy Leaf Hunting Season

Carter, the bravest member of the BTTT cast, braves flood waters and rising tides to bring you this most important episode of Brought to the Table. He daringly records during a thunderstorm threatening both his power and his internet just so you, our dear listener, can hear his hot takes on Fall and its many wonders. Scott and Kaitlyn are cowardly and do not have to brave the elements to record this episode.

Brought to the Table is a podcast made by friends who like to enjoy things and learn about things together. As a group they discuss a wide range of topics that cover fields of science, engineering, music, video games, and other neat stuff. Diana Schulberg, Ian Walker, Carter VanHuss, Kaitlyn Phillips, and Scott Pruett have known each other for years and are still finding new things that they can talk about and learn about together. The BTTT squad always appreciates email comments, questions, and suggestions of your own to [email protected].